May 1989 -- Lake Musconetcong Regional Planning Board formed.
February 1990 -- Phase I Study Grant awarded from US EPA for $56, 505 plus $20,245 for in kind services.
October 1993 -- LMRPB receives Phase II Grant of $245,600 plus a match of $33,000 to dredge three areas, stormwater projects, and shoreline stabilization..
September 1994 -- LMRPB receives $50,000 Well Head Protection Grant plus $16,000 in kind services with LHC to map wellheads and delineate Well Head Protection areas in Upper Musconetcong Watershed.
September 2000 -- Received grant from NJ DCA for $190,000 to purchase a Weed harvester, conveyor, and small John boat.
March 2007 -- Received 319 Grant for $93,000 to do bathymetric mapping of the lake, water, and sediment analysis, and prepare a dredging plan.
December 2016 Received 319 H Grant for $365,166 for the purchase of a Hydro - rake, shore conveyor and trailer for the removal of organic material from the lake bed to reduce the phosphorus loading.

December 2022 - Received NJDEP Lakes Management 2022 Grant of $572,000.00 For the purchase of a new Aquarius 820 Harvester, trailer, shore conveyor and a new back hoe.  This equipment will replace equipment purchased with the NJ DCA grant in 2000.

Grant History

How The Lake Board is staffed

The bylaws of the Lake Musconetcong Regional Planning Board designate participation in the board driven by the percentage of shoreline within each county and municipality as well s the state. There are a total of 12 members on the board.  The municipal members must be residents of the respective municipality and are appointed by the mayor of that municipality for a term of 4 years. The number of board members from each municipality is dependent upon the proportional amount of shoreline in the respective municipality. Byram - one member; Netcong - two members; Roxbury - two members and Stanhope- three members. There is one member from each county  (Morris and Sussex) appointed by the respective Board of Freeholders for a one year period. The Commissioner of the NDEP appoint one member of the Division of Parks and Forestry and one member from a resident of the area who shall not hold any public office. The state members are appointed for an indefinite period.

Financing for the operations of the Lake Musconetcong Regional Planning Board is shared amongst the two counties and four municipalities with the state providing in kind services and support. As with membership the funding formula is based upon a proportional share of the shoreline in the respective municipality. The two counties combine to provide 25% of the funding split equally between Morris and Sussex Counties. Byram Township provides 3.5%; Netcong Borough provides 18.7%; Roxbury Township provides 20.1% and Stanhope provides 32.7%. Budgets and amounts contributed by all members can be found in annual report section of the web site. In addition to the annual funding requests of the counties and municipalities the board will occasionally, when appropriate, apply for grants to fund specific capital purchases or programs. The grant history is shown below.

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How the Lake Board is Financed

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